Things you need to look for when buying a new computer in Australia

Things you need to look for when buying a new computer in Australia

When buying a new computer in Australia is pretty much the same around the world, there are a lot of things you need to look for. The first thing is its specifications. Make sure the computer has all the features you want and need. If you find a computer that does not have everything you want, you can always upgrade to get them. You will also want to check the speed, memory, video card, and hard drive/SSD.


Check processor and motherboard for any faults

Next, I would advise you run a motherboard and processor diagnostic. There are several softwares such as Passmark BurnInTest etc. This will help you identify any problems with the internal parts of your computer. Also check for the display, sound, and video. If your computer has problems with any of these things in the future, it is probably a major headache. New computers can be a money-pit if not bought with some well-done research.


Another important thing you need to do before buying a computer is to check for updates. Most computers will be sent with the latest security patches and this can be crucial if you use a computer at work. There are plenty of ways you can get Windows updates, but most of the time, you just must go through the Windows Update program. Make sure you know how to do this because it can be a little bit difficult. If you are not comfortable with it, ask someone to do it. It is important you know how to get the updates because there can be problems down the road.

Battery life

If you have purchased a laptop or in the market to purchase one, other thing you want to check is the battery life of the computer. You do not want to buy a laptop that lasts an hour or two if it’s going to run out of batteries in a few minutes. Find out what battery life the laptop is rated for. You should also look for a laptop that has a long battery life, at least ten hours of life. If you are using it for work, then this is even more important. You don’t want to spend all day on a laptop and then have to turn it on early or find that it doesn’t have enough battery power to last you until you are ready to go home.

Decent keyboard

You will also want to make sure that the keyboard works. Most people can type online without any problems. However, if you are planning on typing a lot, then you will want to make sure that you can type without problems. The best keyboards are those that have the full-size keyboard with a good amount of travel in the keys. This will allow you to type without much pain.


A monitor is also important, and most people can live without a big one these, but if you are heavily involved with web conferencing or video chat, then you will want to get a high definition one. The best monitors are those with a LCD or IPS screen. You will want to make sure that the screen is large enough for you to see everything clearly. You will also want to make sure there is plenty of space to move around on the screen so you can view your information easily.


A mouse is also an important consideration. You will want to be able to easily click and control your computer with your mouse. The best ones are those that work with programs like Microsoft Office. You should also make sure that you can easily turn off the monitor if you do not need to be watching it or if you are not typing directly on the monitor.


These are just some basic things that you need to look for when buying a computer. There are many other specifications that you should be looking for when you are looking to buy a computer. They include things like the minimum and maximum system requirements, hard drive space, RAM, and processor speed, according to Aussie established These parts and their tests are very easy, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the one that works well for you. Once you know what things you need to look for when buying a computer, you will have the peace-of-mind of knowing you are getting the best deal possible.

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