Why You Should Buy PBN Links

Why You Should Buy PBN Links

Apr 15, 2021 Uncategorized by toudi

In order to understand why you need to buy PBN links, it helps to understand what exactly PBN stands for. The initials stand for ‘Point-Banding Website Linking’. The links are usually bought from a number of websites that offer this service. In some cases, PBNs are bought from search engines. However, most links are bought directly from the website owners themselves.


PBNs are usually purchased as single-use links from one website owner to another. This is done simply because they can be more effective than links that have been bought from other websites. Basically, a PBN gives the website owner a link to his or her own website. The owner agrees to let the PBN link to their site without making any reciprocal links to the website being linked to in return. While the website owner has the potential to make a ton of money off of these PBNs, the fact is that they cost money to get ranked well in search engines like Google and Yahoo.


It is important to note that a PBN link cannot be just bought any time you want one. The website owner must have a good amount of links already set up to their name. The cost is usually around $20 per click, although this varies greatly from site to site. Also, keep in mind that many successful PBN links have happened after the website owner made an initial investment to promote their site on the PBN. If you don’t have any links already set up, then it may take some time before you can get your PBN links working.


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